Wednesday, 25 June 2014

WWW: A Layers-up

A does art-school layers for a characteristically unpredictable Spring day.

Composition is my thing. Creating unexpected combinations; making clashes work and generally finding harmony in cacophony is what I love. I'll leave the coordinating to R; she does it so well. 

So this outfit was born out of my desire to wear my wonderful flowy skirt, vintage Escada dontcha know, and pretend we're closer to Summer than we really are (or ever are in the UK!) Being high-waisted, I teamed it with my perfect little crop top, more leopard print, my trusty mac and a splash of colour in the form of a bright red scarf worn just like the Burberry boys. The end result is more than a little art-school, but then who am I to stray from my roots?

One of my favourite accessories, and a complete necessity even in the UK is a trusty pair of sunglasses. This pair happen to be from the Kate Bosworth collection at Topshop. And the torque is a perennial favourite of mine, adding a bit of structure to my often haphazard outfits.

My Roshe Runs are fast becoming my trainer of choice this year. I have a wardrobe full of styles, but these are just so darned-gosh stylish! Something about the beautifully work-with-everything khaki and the walking-on-cloud comfort they provide make them a winner every time.

A wears // coat, skirt, scarf: vintage // top: H&M // jacket and sunnies: Topshop // trainers: Nike // torque: M&S // bag: Urban Outfitters //

And that's just about that. Yes you can wear trainers with maxi skirts. Yes you can do red lipstick in the day time. Yes you can wear all the colours at once. Go for it. Happy dressing.

A x

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