Wednesday, 2 July 2014

On-going Swedish Adventures

As we are well into the beautiful summer months of holidays foreign adventures and new experiences, J shares a few of her favourite things about Gothenburg, and Sweden

My best friend lives in Gothenburg, Sweden. This has its pro's and and con's, often more con's than pro's as arranging skypes amidst conflicting schedules, dodgy internet connections and technical failures is definitely a challenge. And often results in waiting days to have that conversation that only your best friend will understand, or a whopping bill phone bill at the end of the month.

BUT one of the pro's (not mentioning my ever increasing Swedish vocabulary) is that when I do get to see her face to face, it often means I get a free* holiday. As we have seen from R's adventure to Stockholm earlier this year, Sweden is beautiful. And frequenting this scandinavian land I get to experience freezing cold snow covered landscapes as well as the blissful sun soaked bolder clad coasts. 

In Gothenburg, there is a lovely area near Järntorget, (incorrectly pronounced yarn-toll-e-get) filled with picturesque cobbled streets and little trinket shops, and a bar called Ölstugan (earl-stoo-gan) they serve delicious larger and plates of snack-y bites. It's one of our favourite places to go for a cheeky friday evening beverage, their street side seating area is ideal in summer and there are handy blankets to keep you warm in winter.
Also, all around this area are second hand / vintage shops that put those in London to shame my favourite is Myrorna (My-o-na). 3 floors filled with everything from beautiful unusual crockery to some eclectic bomber jackets straight out of the 80's. It definitely creates some issues fitting everything back in that '1 baggage allowance' flight home, but is entirely worth it.

Some of my essential Swedish catchphrases:

Hello:                        hej (hey)
Goodbye:                  hejdå (hey-do)
Love you:                 älskar dig (el-ska-day)
Excuse me/sorry:      ursäkta (oo-sheck-ta)
Thank you:               tack (tack)
Thanks a lot:             tack så mycket (tacks-a-mi-ka)

Winter essentials from Uniqlo: their heat tech range is amazing, not to mention the exciting colourways of thermals - Nights on the town: accompanied by my UKMade Zatchel and Burberry clutch - The weird and wonderful: second hand shop finds, delicious breakfasts - The Bestie, in all her Eldora lash beauty.

J x

*free apart from the flight of course.

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