Wednesday, 30 July 2014

WWW // J & A Dress for Cocktails and Mingling

J and A dress themselves confident for a smart-casual affair

Smart-casual.  Just drinks.  Mingling.  Three dreaded phrases that can strike fear into even the bravest.  J and I get to grips with dressing our very different body shapes and very different styles for an evening of fashion and MEETING NEW PEOPLE.

J, being a vase, has slim, seemingly endless legs, a long gently sloping waist, big boobs and broad shoulders.  She cleverly creates an elegant figure by wearing a skirt that flaunts her legs and a baggy jersey top that just hangs off her shoulders, skimming over her stomach and ending right on her bum adding a bit of booty.  Her boobs are draped rather than drowned and her shoulders made elegant by the deep neckline of the top.  Not to mention the long necklaces that draw the eye down and elongate J's figure, as well as the heeled boots which add those all-important extra inches.

By wearing styles that flatter her shape, and sticking to a casual jersey fabric, J pulls of smart-casual with aplomb. 

I on the other hand, being a skittle, am almost the opposite body shape to J.  With narrow shoulders, a little waist and very generous hips, I have to dress my shape very differently to her.  I'm wearing one of my favourite things ever, the R~A~J~E Perfect Crop, which being short and boxy adds a little bit of much needed width and structure to my upper body.  The skirt meets the top at my waist, bringing attention to my narrowest part and enhancing the hourglass illusion.  The voluminous and swooshy nature of my vintage skirt mask the size of my hips but retain a feminine silhouette, and ending just below my knees, it's short enough to not be frumpy.

Making the most of the variety of textures and patterns and taking something of a gun-ho approach to coordination, I rely on the quality of the fabric (pure cotton and silk) and a piece of statement jewellery to smarten me up.

How do you dress your shape for cocktails?  Do you have any go-to pieces that you rely on?  However you do it, the most important accessory anyone can have is a stylish champagne flute or martini glass, so grab a drink and bring on the mingling!

A x

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