Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Natural Beauty: Coconut Oil

R explains the benefits of coconut oil in laymans terms

Now, before we go into the ins and outs of why coconut oil is having such a moment and all the slightly hippie, very middle class and decidedly green reasons behind it, let me state the two best and two worst things about coconut oil. 


It smells like coconut
It's pretty cheap


It makes you smell like coconut
People ask you why you smell like coconut

I first converted to coconut oil upon reading Clean and Lean and I haven't looked back since. It's amazing to cook with and because it retains its structure at such high temperatures it's incredibly healthy. It wasn't long however before I was sneaking into the kitchen just before bed and stealing a gooey lump of coconut oil to then enthusiastically slather all over my face. You try explaining to your boyfriend, why, when he goes to kiss you, you smell like the early promise of dinner. 

You see, coconut oil can be used for just about everything. OK, not everything, but definitely these things:

-Weight loss
-Body cream
-Hair oil
-Lip balm
-Bath oil

Now it has hundreds more uses but the above are ones I have tried, loved and will be doing again and again. 

The two that I want to highlight (with my coconut oil) however are cleanser and moisturiser. Until recently I put aside £75 a month to pay for my skincare and makeup, while I didn't always use it, when I needed to restock my Kiehls, Dr Hauschka, Clinque and Mac goods, I was always glad of the "beauty savings" to fall back on. I will always invest in skin care because, well, I'm not a silly billy and I like to look after things worth looking after - i.e. my actual face. So, bear in mind that I have tried all of the cult products and am constantly refining my routine and even with all my years and thousands of pounds spent on cult products - coconut oil beats them all. That's right, the £7 a jar white goo has cleared up my skin, evened out its tone and made it feel softer and cleaner than any other product. Ever. 

This takes us swiftly onto my next point. It cost £7. Can you even believe it? You can buy cheaper but I like to splash out on the organic, unrefined type as it's going onto my face which, as previously discussed, is of some importance. 

So, how do you use it?

Cleanser: Simply melt a little of the oil in the palm on your hand, rub it onto your face and then rest a hot muslin cloth over the top. Take a couple of coco-nutty breathes and then, by rinsing the cloth repeatedly under hot water, wipe the oil off. This will also remove even the stubbornest of mascaras. 

Moisturiser: Simply melt a little of the oil in the palm on your hand, rub it onto your face and then rest up as natures wonder oil works magically on your skin to refresh and soften it. I only use coconut oil overnight as it takes a while to sink in and there's no time for that sort of thing in the A.M. 

Now, don't think I stopped at transforming my cleansing and moisturising rituals, oh no! I also have a wonderful new way to tone, so keep your freshly oiled eyes on becomingraje for more beauty revelations.

R x

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