Friday, 15 August 2014

Pins of the Week - Italian

Pins of the Week - Italian 

It took me a few years to appreciate Italian cuisine. Growing up Anglo-Indian means I was never far from a flavour-filled tandoori dish, hearty pilaf or at least a stack of curry puffs. Thanks to this I never found Italian food quite punchy enough - a bit too simple. However my Favourite is a huge fan of Italian food and after nearly four years of eating it with him, I have fallen in love (with him too). Now, one of my favourite ways to spend a Friday night is making pasta, rustling up amatriciana and tearing into some buffalo mozzarella - it turns out the key to enjoying Italian is fresh, organic, quality ingredients and good company. 

I have spent some time rather indulgetly trawling Pinterest for some inspiration for our next Italian feast and I thought you may enjoy the mouth watering results. 

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Have a very happy weekend.

R x

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