Thursday, 7 August 2014

Pizza Champ

A makes a champion pizza at Rossopomodoro

If you don't know, Neapolitans are serious about pizza.  Naples is the birthplace of pizza and it is a source of much regional pride.  Once a year a tournament is held where pizzaioli (pizza makers) from across the globe gather to compete for the highly prized title of pizza champ (no, I'm not kidding).  The reigning champion is Davide Civitiello and he happens to work for the Neapolitan pizza chain Rossopomodoro. They hosted a series of master classes where mere mortals like you and I got to learn from the best...

All you need to make enough dough for six to eight authentic Neapolitan pizzas; 1.7 kg super-fine 'OO' flour,  2 tbsp olive oil, 60g salt, 1 litre water and 5g fresh/ 1.5g dried yeast, oh and an Aperol Spritz, of course.

I can assure you it is not as easy as he makes it look!

The champion pizza straight from the oven.

I may have got a little excited when I was let into the Rossopomodoro kitchen for a photo with Davide!

My very own Neapolitan pizza made in my very own home, with my very own hands.  And you know what, beyond all my expectations, it tasted really good!  My cornicone (crust) could do with some work, but I think I'm well on my way!  Have even just ordered some super-fine 'OO' flour in my Ocado shop, so will be practicing my pizza making skills again soon.

If you're interested in getting your hands dirty and making your own Neapolitan pizza, Rossopomodoro will be hosting more master classes throughout August, in each of their restaurants.  Keep up with the latest happenings, including master class dates on Rossopomodoro's Twitter.

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