Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Summer Shoes: What to Wear this Season

A guides you one step at a time through the hazy paths of Summer footwear

It's generally around now that us Brits become a frenzied bunch, having once again been surprised by the coming of Summer and its warm weather.  We find our feet roasting in our sensible shoes and know that we are ill-equipped to deal with the sunshine, however short-lived it may be.  Late in the season as it is, I've put together a fool-proof guide to buying shoes for the Summer season.

You'll have noticed by now that I have a predisposition to practical shoes.  I have no truck with shoes that require effort from me.  I want my shoes to be pretty, don't get me wrong, but they absolutely must, and I mean must, be comfortable too.

The classic hippie sandal is back.  With a vengeance.   In my opinion, a classic like Birkenstock is best worn in the classic style and colour, so go for the double strap in black, or another neutral.  Only once you've mastered that, do you have license to experiment with shape and colour. 


I confess, this one is a little "fashion girl", but let me defend them.  I can't remember the time I last wore a pair of shoes so comfortable.  So much so, I almost forget I'm wearing them.  Plus they make me hugely nostalgic of my time in South Korea when literally everyone (and I mean literally) sported a pair.  They were obviously onto something.  This pair by Adidas is neat and fits like a dream and I got mine from Very, but don't say I sent you.


Ancient Greek Sandals
My Mum, until very recently owned a pair of sandals she'd bought on a pre-college trip to Greece.  They were simple tan leather strappy things, she'd worn them for donkeys years and they looked great Summer after Summer.  Short of flying to Greece, she's looked high and low every year for a replacement.  At last her prayers have been answered by Ancient Greek Sandals; the name being dropped by every self-respecting fashion publication this Summer.  With styles from the refined and elegant to the whimsical, and a huge variety of colours, the brand caters for most tastes beautifully.  The metallic gold winged pair have quite taken my fancy...

Jelly Shoes
Hard to believe, but jelly shoes are back!  When any worth-her-salt fashion blogger is not wearing her sliders this Summer, you can bet your bottom dollar, she's got her JuJu jellies on.  It'll take a lot for me to try them again after a particularly scarring incident in my formative years.  But the rest of you, go right ahead -  relive your care-free childhood days and know you really are too cool for school.

I still can't bring myself to endorse the wearing of mules, but am dabbling my feet in the water with these mule-esque styles from Clarks.  Reliably chunky and in easy neutral tones, these are a stepping stone to full-on 90's footwear.

Always tread carefully when fashion adopts a cult item, out of respect to the sub-culture in question and to avoid looking like a complete idiot.  Take Vans, these are a skate shoe and will always be a skate shoe.  If you skate, or are a sneakerhead, wear them; if you fall in love with a pair, wear them; but please, please, please don't wear them because all the fashion girls are wearing them.  Just.  Not.  Cool.

If you're still at a loss as to what to slide your feet into this Summer, then I'm not sure anyone can help you!  The designers, high street and footwear brands have provided us all with very rich pickings this Summer, so go forth and shop.  Shop your feet happy.

And do tell me what you buy, I love other people's shopping!  Tweet me, Facebook me, comment below, or Instagram me.

A x

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