Thursday, 18 September 2014

Danielle Keller Jewellery

Romantic, minimalist handmade jewellery by Danielle Keller

Danielle Keller-Aviram is a jewellery designer hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel, and creates intricate, beautiful jewellery under her own label, Danielle Keller

Having grown up surrounded by art and fascinated by nature, it was a natural progression for Danielle to study design.  She fell in love with the process of creating form from space and the transformation of raw material to finished piece.  

Inspired by nature and the world that surrounds her, Danielle coerces and entices silver and gold into shapes recognisable yet mysterious... gentle hearts, subtle teardrops, and refined geometric shapes.  

This short film delightfully captures the delicate and intriguing process of creating a piece of jewellery.  Apologies for the lack of English subtitles! 


There's a certain romance about each piece.  They are handmade, inspired, delicate, but never fussy.  The clean, simple, lines appeal to the minimalist in me.

The rigidity and simplicity of the gold geometric ring has sent it to the top of my wish list - what about you?

To see more of Danielle's work, do visit her website and you can find her stunning pieces for sale on Etsy.

A x

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