Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Diary of a Corporate Girl

Introducing new becomingraje blogger, Corporate Girl. Enjoy her stylish musings, frustrated ventings and insights into a fashionable life. 

Oh R~A~J~E'rs what can I say? This blog has been a long time coming! After years of enduring the cascades of nonesense that constantly surrounds me in hyper-corporate-land I have amassed a bundle of war stories, comedy highlights and fashionable insights that it's high time I share. To kick off, some classic office life revelations.

You know you've worked in a corporate office too long when:

  • You sigh at the new iPhone 5s they give you
  • You have to actively try and not use those corporate buzz words that mean nothing e.g. Blue Sky Thinking
  • You turn those buzz words into a game: Nonsense Bingo. 5 points for 'moving forward', 'for future reference' or receiving a forwarded email with just 'fyi' in the body.10 points for 'high level objectives & deliverables', 'risk assessment' or 'timeline'. 20 points for 'taskforce', 'bi-monthly' or 'business case'

So back to life - my double life. A lot of the time I joke about being a superhero, working one job while actually being dedicated to another (R~A~J~E). But it's actually exhausting, not just the physical time constraints and energy that both positions require, but also that constant feeling of living a lie.

As a result life can get a bit difficult, having social plans is a bit of a stretch and sometimes putting together a vaguely decent outfit is an achievement in itself. Over the coming months I will share the highs and lows of surviving in hyper-corporate-land and juggling a day job with your real dream. Stay tuned. 

Feel free to tweet your corporate frustrations to @RAJEdesign #corporategirl 

Love, CG x

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