Monday, 1 September 2014

Fashion Month

Spend Fashion Month with R~A~J~E

I always eagerly away the fashion months and since working in the industry I can now do it while at work, without being fired, success! R~A~J~E's design philosophy is to create season-less pieces that stay stylish season after season, but it is also to create garments that are first and foremost, beautiful. As such all four of us spend February and September like four giddy school girls, soaking up the shows and feeling more than a little bit inspired. 

This September we will be focusing on a week each to make sure we don't miss a trick, so keep your eyes on becomingraje for must-see shows, trend forecasts and highlights. We'll be sharing our favourite moments via Twitter and Instagram too. 

"Living out my Blair and Serena dreams and indulging in heritage lifestyle brands."

"Keeping an eye out for unusual prints and ahead-of-their-time trends"

"Being wowed by the opulence that only Milan does so well"

"Feeling inspired by couture and seeing classic chic done perfectly"

R x

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