Monday, 29 September 2014

Learning to Love Small Boobs

The virtues of small boobs

For me high school was almost entirely unforgettable, a series of dull lessons given by dull teachers who demonstrated no reason for me to listen to them. What I do remember however, was around year 8/9 when a few of my friends started to develop boobs, and I didn't. Don't get me wrong, there was a decent progression from an A cup to a B - but on the whole, rather unimpressive. 

The next 5 or so years saw me buy padded bras, avoid low cut necklines and generally feel envious of my friends, my sister and seemingly the world's ample bosoms. This may sound normal but when you think about it, it's terrible. I spent my formative years wishing my body was something it wasn't, disliking a beautiful part of my healthy, functioning body. Looking back I needed some serious perspective. 

The past few years have seen my body settle into a slim Hourglass shape, with shoulders equal to hips, a small waist and my same, small boobs. The past few years have also seen me learn to love my small boobs. 

I love that boobs isn't the first thing people notice about me, I love the way clothes hang elegantly from my chest and I love how they look - small and unobtrusive in an intricate lace bra. 

Just as real women don't always have curves, there is no winner when it comes to bra size. I love my small boobs yes, because they suit me and they work on my body. I also love challenging the idea that Hourglass shapes all have to have big boobs, they don't. This doesn't mean that small boobs are always better though, A and J both carry larger bra sizes really well - looking elegant and classy.

However, just in case there are any women out there still hating their beautiful boobs I've put together a pro list to convince you of their virtues:

1. No backache
2. Easy to dress (the reason models don't usually have big boobs)
3. Easier and cheaper to buy bras
4. Low necklines don't look hussy-ish
5. Kate Moss
6. Sienna Miller
7. Natalie Portman

Now, if any of you think, for a moment (even just one fleeting moment) "oh but men prefer bigger boobs". Then please put on an apron, fall pregnant and head back to the 1950s because really, we're onto the fourth wave of feminism now and I would hope we've made more progress than that...

R x

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