Tuesday, 2 September 2014

What We Wore: J is Growing Up

J has some style evolving breakthroughs

Maybe it's the sudden realisation that I am officially in my 'Late 20's' or it's just part of my  natural style evolution, but recently I have started making a somewhat unconscious effort to take my style a bit more seriously. This apparently has meant a few more shirts and dresses and basically a bit less jersey.

I love a good smock dress, they give you so much freedom, but because they hang straight from the shoulders skimming off the boobs and finishing somewhere around your knees, they can often make my Vase body shape look like a 'sack of spuds' (as my mother would say). 

But this dress from the Sparkle and Fade Urban Outfitters exclusive label thankfully works perfectly. Knitted from a mix of mesh and black thread and with a black slip dress beneath, it creates a layer of much needed definition.

Here I have rolled the sleeves up to show off the contrast underside and kept it simple with a pair of black peep toe patent stiletto's from Guess. Finally I styled my hair in a messy pony perfect for the office.

A while ago, we did a series on our body shapes, Hourglass - Skittle - Vase - Pear  have a look if you want to know more about body shapes, what they mean and how we style ours!

J x

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