Sunday, 14 September 2014

WWW: J Creates a DIY Vest

DIY fashion fix - J Shows us how she turned her favourite R~A~J~E t-shirt into a slouchy vest

This is my lovely RAJE vest, created from the Fantastic and Freakish Unisexi Tee. The beauty of T-shirts is the amount of different ways to wear them - tight and cropped, straight from the hanger, baggy and oversized... the possibilities are endless!

I am a sucker for a baggy vest so of course as soon as the R~A~J~E tees were available and I just had to turn one into a vest. Perfect for a slouchy Saturday or sunny festival I keep it simple with a pair of leggings and some flats or trainers. 

Turning your favourite Tee into a vest isn't as tricksy as it may seem, all you need is a pair of scissors, a piece of chalk and a T-shirt.

Lie your T-shirt on a flat surface ensuring it is as flat as possible, no folds or creases.

Draw the below outline onto the front of your tee. Using chalk allows for a little trial and error e.g. you can check how low cut the vest will be by putting the uncut shirt on.

Cut out the vest using the lines as guides.

Style with leggings, skinny jeans or a printed mini for an off-duty look you'll never want to take off. 

Things to remember: 
-T-shirt fabric tends to curl, so you want to leave a bit of a 'seam allowance' from your lines to where you cut the tee.
-If you are at all precious about the T-shirt you are amending I would do a test/trail version first.

Let us know if you're trying out making your own Tee vest, we love to see them. You can Tweet or Instagram us a photo using @RAJEdesign and #rajestyle. 

J x

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