Thursday, 13 November 2014

Heels You Can Walk In

R explores the ups and downs of high heels, sorting the blister-inducing from the sole soothing

Being a 9-5'er I spend a large amount of time in high heels. I am a lover of flats, especially  of the mannish and ugly variety and when an outfit calls for a certain amount of grounding or a bit of attitude I am more than happy to slip into my most brutish of DMs. I also believe flats are smart enough for the corporate world, you see it's all in the wearing. Combine flats with sharp tailoring and good posture and you'll out-smart all the suits in court shoes. 

However, that being said, there are certain days when extra height is needed. Either I have a terrifying meeting where being able to 'sit at the table' (see Lean In) requires a confidence boost, and being able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the other attendees certainly helps. There are also those days when you just want to wear your bodycon black dress, but you ate lots of pizza last night and so some extra leg-lengthening is greatly appreciated. 

As such, I have done the leg work (ahem) when it comes to walkable heels and have rounded up the best of this A/W's offering at the moment, all from brands I know create comfortable offerings. 

I pity the woman who chooses Zara, Topshop or dare I even say it New Look heels - you're asking for trouble. 

R x 

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