Monday, 10 November 2014

WWW: A Attemps Normcore

Before it gets too cold we flash back to a hazy warm autumn when A let her inner grunger loose

Being of impressionable age in the 90's means there'll forever be a part of me that's devoted to grunge; at home in something faded, ripped or torn. The little grunger inside of me rejoices at the proliferation of the normcore trend that is slowly but surely sweeping the country (world?) this year. 

Normcore, at it's most philosophical, is a rejection of capitalism, of brash, branded, luxury goods, and a defiant stand for normal, understated and accessible style. At it's most basic, it's a non-style, jeans, sweaters, sports shoes – think early Friends, Steve Jobs, Nirvana...Seinfeld(!)

So anyone can do it, right?  Here's me doing my normcore best in pale, torn jeans, a goregously grungey tee I picked up at Hackney weekend and my new guilty pleasure, my Adidas sliders. I was doing well until my desire for bling went and over-accessorised with a big statement necklace, a thousand rings and my sparkly Micheal Kors watch. Normcore fail. 

Before I go, I have to confess to another nineties throwback I just can't stop wearing; brown lip-gloss! 

A wears // t-shirt: Hackney Weekend // jeans: Topshop Boutique // shoes: Adidas // necklace: Topshop // rings: various // watch: Michael Kors //

A x

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