Tuesday, 9 December 2014

A Christmas Wish List

Preparing for the festive season J starts researching her dream Christmas list

I love bags, I have a lot of them in all different shapes, colours, materials and sizes, but that doesn't stop me wanting more, isn't that greedy? 

Well, when it gets to Christmas time I start thinking about board games with my wonderful family, all the delicious food and everyone opening presents around the Christmas tree, and my mind wanders to a special place where there is soft lighting and fluffy snow outside and just what if I opened that beautifully wrapped box and in it was one of these beauties...
Sophie Hulme drawstring bucket bag - £560

Oh aren't they all beautiful? 

But as I don't live in a Christmas advert I am very much looking forward to my Christmas day filled with love, family joy and those tingles from giving and receiving presents.

What Christmas things are you looking forward to?

J x

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