Sunday, 7 December 2014

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Have a happy homemade Christmas

Amongst all it's magical qualities sometimes Christmas can cause some financial struggles. So just for you lovely readers, I've put together my favourite homemade gift ideas (found on Pinterest) here. 

Why not try your hand at making some coffee liqueur?

Save money on wrapping and get creative with some printing.

I found these rather lovely homemade notebooks, why not tailor the decoration to the person?

This appealed to my taste buds and would be the perfect finish to a hearty roast.

What a cute idea - all the ingredients you need to make some delicious treats!

I'm not sure you can do homemade presents and not make truffles, now that would just be silly.

All and more pinned to our R~A~J~E Loves Christmas Board!

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