Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Year Resolutions

R~A~J~E enter the new year with resolve

As we air our dresses and get ready for a frivolous New Years Eve, each of us has set our resolutions for 2015 and, as per tradition, we're sharing them with you, our cherished readers. Words have power and publicly stating what we intend for 2015 carries weight for us. 


"This year me and my Favourite have a joint resolution to 'be dedicated in what we do and to look after ourselves'. At the moment it's taking many shapes such as booking swing classes, planning holidays, fully committing to a wheat, dairy and sugar free diet and allowing time for a lot of hard work. This is year for us to develop, work and progress but we're holistic beings and we know with effort must come reward - bring on NYC 2015!


"I'm going to read more, dance more, walk more, draw more, write more, sing more. In short, all of the things I know to be good for my soul."


"After trying many different 'get fit' methods, this year I'm committing to dance more. I'm also going to embark on a lot of culinary exploration - using a lot of the goodies I got for Christmas. Finally, I'm going to travel to see loved ones around the world (better get saving!)


"My resolution is sweet and simple: 'To speak more words of encouragement'."

Happy new year everybody!
R x

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