Friday, 16 January 2015

How to Wear Lipstick in the Daytime

To quote the ever-quotable Audrey Hepburn, "I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick".

Things were getting bad. I needed to get myself out of the beauty rut I'd got stuck in. Everyday I'd do the same thing, heavily made-up face with a big cat-eye flick of eyeliner and either a smokey eye or a bold lip. So, a change. Characteristically, I made a big change, and have since been mostly seen sporting minimal make-up, with little or no eye-make up, a hint of mascara and a slosh of gloss on my lips.

Perfectly complimenting my new beauty look is my new lipstick from Mac. It's an orangey-pink frost called rather mysteriously CB 96 and is the ideal neutral lipstick for my yellow skin-tone. This subtle, frosted lipstick adds a hint of colour without being too attention grabbing (like the majority of my other lipsticks!)

I love that I can still wear lipstick, still primp and preen to my heart's content, but not look overly 'done' or too 'made-up'. Thanks Mac, for my perfect daytime lipstick!

A x


  1. You look amazing! Very 1940s French resistance kind of thing!