Friday, 9 January 2015

Krama Heritage

Introducing Krama Heritage

Over Christmas I not only recieved wonderful presents, but also this beautiful scarf from the lovely guys over at Krama Heritage

Krama Heritage is a unisex brand who make 'socially responsbile' scarves that are inspired by the Krama - Cambodia's traditional scarf. Each scarf sold supports the charity 'For a Child's Smile' and the brand is involved in inspiring projects all around the world. 

"A traditional scarf in Cambodia, the Krama becomes today the new Parisian fashion accessory. Krama Heritage, a young favorite French brand, rapidly created a real infatuation with its scarf that combines the exoticism of Cambodian culture with Parisian chic." 

I love the scarf's classic look, lightweight feel and high quality - it was just what I needed on a mild January day spent exploring the Tate Britain. 

R x

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