Sunday, 8 February 2015

Five Ways to Start Your Day Right

R shares the secret to having a good day

Since entering the real world, renting a real flat and having a real job it’s taken a fair few years to work out what does and doesn’t work for me, in terms of kicking off a successful day.

The past couple of years I’ve adjusted my routine so it listens to my body, makes the most of out of my day and does the best for me, holistically. I’m afraid if you consider yourself a night owl (more on that myth another time), then these probably aren’t the tips for you!

Get up early. I get up around 6 every day – it’s earlier than necessary but allows me to do something with my morning, whether it’s work out, read or catch up on work. Starting off your day productively and not with a hundred taps of the snooze button sets a better intention and puts you in a positive mind set. Trust me.
Drink hot lemon. Thankfully I think this tastes delicious, but even if you don’t – suck it up. Besides being a healthier choice than sugary tea or a milky latte, it gives you a morning boost and kick-starts your day, encouraging you to make healthier choices going forward.

Plan your outfit. Pre-planning your outfit the night before leaves you cool, calm and collected the nice morning. No last minute ironing sessions or wardrobe meltdowns because you feel bloated. Plan it out, lay it out and first thing – simply slip it on.

Pack your lunch. It saves money and means you can make a healthy lunch and fuel your day the right way. Packing a protein filled salad or home-made noodle pot means you’re not wasting £7 a day at Pret and you’re cutting out a chunk of processed sugar and wheat from your diet.

Plan your day. I note down what I have to do that day, along with any appointments, work hours, exercise classes and dinner plans in my page-a-day Moleskine. It may sound obsessive and you may prefer to do it the digital way, but honestly, there’s nothing more reassuring that seeing what your day has to hold and what you have to get done.

R x

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