Saturday, 14 February 2015

Happy Valentines Day

R embraces the quiet moments this Valentines

I came across this quote thanks to a wonderful friend and its simplicity and sweetness struck a chord with me.

Whether it’s because of films, books or social media love has become so much about the grand gestures and the big diamond. When in reality it’s the little things and the quiet moments that you treasure.

Like this past Christmas when my Favourite filled my diary with quotes from loved ones so I could stay inspired all year along, or the fact that he will always take the bin bags out, turn the heating down and do the dishes, without thinking - just to try and help me relax. It’s the gentle tugs to make sure I don’t step in a puddle, the warming arm around me as we walk along the Thames and the unwavering support and encouragement in every little thing I do.

Paradise for me is a long, slow walk with a take-out latte and my Favourite at my side. Flowers, chocolates and dates are lovely, but it’s those evenings spent resting in each other’s presence that really see us through.

Happy Valentine’s day everybody, this year, I’ll be cherishing the little things.

R x

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