Friday, 20 February 2015

Life: Ten Tips for Going Sugar Free

Ten Tips for going sugar free

If you read becomingraje or follow us on Twitter/Instagram then you’ll know I’ve been eating a clean and lean diet for a couple of years now, and have mostly cut out sugar. I still have a treat day once a week and allow myself some natural sugars, such as fruit, but I'm fairly disciplined. It’s been a journey to get to this point and over the years I’ve picked up some helpful tips and tricks which I thought I'd share. 

Love your fruit – initially it can help you to wean off worse sugars and it’s a great portable snack.

Embrace alternative flours – going wheat free goes hand in hand with sugar free as processed bread products often have sugar in. Try baking with coconut or chickpea flour.

Splash out on maple syrup – maple syrup is a great natural sugar. It’s still an indulgence but it’s great for baking or drizzling as a treat. Spend more to ensure you get a pure product.

Try nut butters – cashew or almond nut butter smeared on celery, cucumber or a mixed grain rice cake is a great sugar free snack

Take your coffee black – learn to love black coffee and herbal teas. It’s not great to drink milk in vast quantities and I found switching from lattes to the occasional Americano and tea to peppermint tea helped adjust my taste buds.

Buddy up – ask a friend or partner to give up sugar with you. My Favourite did it with me and we’re happier and healthier together as a result – plus, it gives you someone to moan at!

Do the reading  - I Quit Sugar, Hemsley + Hemsley, Clean and Lean, Honestly Healthy etc are all fantastic reads for encouragement and recipe ideas.

Put the jar away – Start making sauces yourself, pesto is especially easy. If it’s in a jar it’s almost definitely full of sugar and lacking in goodness.

Don’t preach – Your friends will hate you if you start pointing out how much sugar is in their tuna sandwich or noodle soup so stay quiet and let the results speak for themselves.

Enjoy it – Make the most of your new found energy and take up a new sport or gym class. Revel in your new cooking skills and invite friends over and lap up all the compliments you get.

R x

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