Monday, 16 March 2015

Come Fly With Me

R shares her holiday hopes and plans.  

This time of year is famous for being the time people start booking holidays. Companies start advertising getaway offers, magazines start talking weight loss and tourism boards start the yearly ritual of promising us that really, a holiday in this country you've never heard of is a fantastic idea. Credit Card companies also employ stricter checks on all flight bookings, who knew? I didn't, so when mine got blocked I was understandably miffed! 

This year me and my Favourite are spending a week in wonderful Florence with my family in July and then in October we're treating ourselves to two weeks of indulgence in NYC. Having these booked has made the year ahead feel somewhat lighter. Each Monday is that bit less Monday-ish, and each day is that bit brighter thanks to the promise of wonderful things ahead. 

Do you have a holiday booked in yet? If not, hop to it! If you're stuck for inspiration, I would suggest following your stomach, what culture's cuisine do you really love? Why not go and taste the authentic version?

R x

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