Saturday, 7 March 2015

Thought: Blogs in Brief

Weekends are full of new opportunities and adventures, but before you go gallivanting off how about you take a chance to catch some inspiration from the blog world?

We are in the final of days fashion month, have you noticed the flurries of new styles popping up all over your instagram or facebook feeds? Well in case you missed any of our very own LND fashion week, here's A's round up.

As ever heading over to Chalkboard Nails never fails for a bit of a nail art boost, will be trying to perfect these sparkly geometric beauties for the next couple of weeks.

A new discovery for me this week was this tumblr an array of style inspiration from the people behind Project Cobalt, a film, fashion, art and technology platform, who also happen to have leant their support to a new streetwear documentary feature. Very exciting!

Enjoy your weekend adventures.

J x

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