Monday, 13 April 2015

Style: Women in Business

Office dressing for the style minded.

How does a woman in 2015 dress for the office, while maintaining her own style and feeling good about herself? It's a tough question but one we've thankfully done the leg work on! 

It's so easy for a man, Monday through Thursday simply requires an easy combination of suit and tie and then Friday and the arrival of business casual means the tried and tested formula of chinos, printed shirt and jumper - easy. 

But as always, being a woman is a touch more complicated and office style requires more care and attention. 

Heels Vs Flats

The eternal question. After years of experimenting with this I have got it down to: if you need to impress or boost your confidence then heels are a safe bet. If you're out for lunch, or mostly working solo at your desk then flats are the way forward. Occasionally an outfit can be constructed with enough clean lines and sleek colours to enable a flat to look truly smart, but more often than not you need an extra inch or two to really lift an outfit. 

Blazers Vs Cardigan 

For me it has to be a cardigan. Unfortunately shards of the glass ceiling still remain and cardigans conjure up far too soft and slouchy connotations for me. Choose a blazer, whether fitted, structured, draped or cropped and enjoy how it adds nous to even the simplest looks. 

Colour Vs Black

Happily I think both in equal measure is this right answer here. All black was made for a rainy Monday with a long to-do list - just make sure your accessories are on point and your hair well style. Colourful looks however do help you make a lasting impression so I'd suggest at least a splash of colour, if not a head to tow coordinated look, if you're meeting someone for the first time. 

Skirts Vs Trousers 

Now this one is entirely body shape dependant, but either (worn properly) can look smart and chic. If it's a skirt then opt for pencil or calf length and if it's trousers then keep them pinned to the ankle and a mid-rise. 

On the whole, keep your looks simple and structured, try and introduce a range of colours and stay away from anything too soft, fluffy and "cuddly". After years of practice I now have a refined work wardrobe that I rotate, meaning I don't repeat outfits more than every 2-3 weeks. It makes getting ready quick, easy and pain free and means I always feel confident and chic in the board room. 

R x

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