Saturday, 18 April 2015

Thought: Blogs in Brief

Get your weekend off to a gentle pace as you browse our Blogs in Brief. 

We've reached the weekend - the time to slow down, recover and recuperate while letting the stresses and strains of the week wash over you. I like to kick this process off with a lazy Saturday morning and a spot of browsing. I've highlighted some of my favourite reads this week to ease you into a slow Saturday.

While slightly self-congratulatory, My Morning Routine is incredibly inspiring and has encouraged me to finally stop pressing snooze. 

Who doesn't love browsing Coachella photos? It just all looks so picturesque and perfect. I'm about as far from sun-dwelling and boho as you can find, so I would never attend, but it's nice to see all the very pretty outfits. 

This Sali Hughes piece on long-wear crayons has inspired me to revamp my makeup bag and go for a easy, fresh Spring look. 

R x 

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