Saturday, 2 May 2015

Thought: Blogs in Brief

Oh hello weekend! Being the official start of summer this Blogs in Brief comes from lands afar

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On Friday, I am venturing out on my first two week holiday in over 4 years. I am very excited about it, after months of dreaming, saving and planning it's finally here!

I'm off to the sunny state of South Carolina to spend some time with family, find some adventures on a beach and not look at a spreadsheet for two whole weeks. In celebration, here is a selection of wonderful blogs for a bit of Southern inspiration:

Slim Pickins Kitchen, a wonderful array of delicious healthy snacks and treats to try out, I cannot wait to try these clean eating caramel eggs.

For a bit of style inspiration straight from Charleston, have a wonder around Topknots and Polkadots.

And for a little bit of everything else take a look through the beautiful Blanc.

Where is your next adventure?

J x

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