Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Thought: Confessions of a Stuffaholic

A admits to her (not so) secret hoarding habits and how she broke them.

Anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that I have a lot of clothes (actually, stuff, I have a lot of stuff, but mostly clothes). This hasn't really been anything more than an amusing truism until recently, when I had to move cities and suddenly realised my belongings were so numerous they threatened not to fit in a Transit van. 

I had a problem.

This isn't Confessions of a Shopaholic; I only own one credit card and so far this year, I've only bought two items of clothing - one from a charity shop and the other from a vintage market, this is more like Secret Lives of Hoarders (OK, not that bad, but you get the picture).

I've always found it difficult to throw stuff away, and am super sentimental, but I realised things were getting out of hand when those darn Facebook timehop photos were popping up on my feed and I was wearing the same clothes I am wearing today! That t-shirt I considered fairly new was actually over eight years old! These jeans I'm sat here typing in were bought in my first year of uni!

Time to sort my life out.

After years of "oh, but what if it comes back into fashion", and "I'll definitely have time to take that hem up", and the classic "I'm sure I'll fit into it one day" was time to be ruthless. I reasoned if it's full of holes, no longer its original colour, it probably was old, and it was OK to throw it away. I convinced myself that if I hadn't worn it for the last five years, its not likely I'll wear it in the next five years, so it could go to a charity shop. I concluded that my feet were unlikely to grow another size to fit into those too-big boots, so gave them to a friend.

This feels good.

I had a lot of stuff I really didn't like and it sounds daft, but I'd kept things I didn't want because I misguidedly felt throwing it away would be wasteful, or ungrateful. I resolved my new mantra of "if you don't like it, chuck it" and you know what? it was incredibly freeing!

A fresh start.

I am still in this process of chucking stuff away, but am already feeling freer, lighter, and more ready to take on tomorrow. Now the next time I move, I will only be taking with me what I want to take with me, stuff that I value, things I find beautiful.

Added bonus - there's a whole bunch of room to buy new things without feeling any guilt whatsoever! (OK, so maybe its a little bit Confessions of a Shopaholic...) 

Do you tend to hang on to stuff? Are you a sentimental hoarder? I challenge you to look at your wardrobe and ask yourself, do I need this? Do I want to carry this with me into tomorrow? I guarantee if you are ruthless, you'll find stuff to chuck, and you'll feel all the better for it!

I have resolved to take this new mentality forward with me, and only keep what I want to keep, what I need to keep, and not clog up my life (and wardrobe) with things I ought to keep.

As William Morris said "have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."

A x

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