Sunday, 17 May 2015

Thought: Reintroducing R~A~J~E

What is R~A~J~E?

Emily Coles | Roanna Price | Abbie Price | Joey Instone

R~A~J~E is four driven and talented women who launched a designer apparel label - R~A~J~E. After launch these same women put their heads together and formed a plan to go on to become something much bigger, more forward thinking and much more ambitious. A year later we are fully fledged business women, dealing with VC's, MVPs and a whole host of other intimidating letters. 

We are lucky to have a loyal and engaged audience, but we have been a touch mysterious about who we are and where we're going. Until we relaunch our e-commerce platform some of the mystery will remain, but allow us to be clear about who we are.

We blog, Instagram and Tweet as our four selves and we work together as R~A~J~E. We are leaning in, together, hoping to change the shape of women in business for the future. 

You've journeyed with us so far, walk along with us a while longer - I promise we will take you far.

R x

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