Thursday, 4 June 2015

Life: A Florentine Holiday

What to see and do in Florence.

What seems like eons ago we were all bemoaning that fact that none of us had been on a summer holiday in years, and similarly sharing our love for all things Italy, when we hit on the bright idea of booking a family summer holiday to Florence. Sorted. The days passed, the months passed, but summer did not arrive. Dreams of Florentine summer days had all but faded from my mind when suddenly summer is upon us and our holiday is but a matter of weeks away!

I am now making up for lost time in a kind of panicked frenzy of excitement, remembering all the things I love most about Italy and making a list of all the things I can't wait to see and do when we get there.

A's top things about Italy

Gelato - it's like no other thing, and don't let anyone tell you it's just ice-cream. It's almost worth traveling to Italy just for the gelato.

Coffee - Italy is the coffee mecca of the world, and I fully intend to push my caffeine intake to the limit and enjoy as many espressos as is humanly possible in one week.

Food - the food really speaks for itself in Italy, fresh local produce, simple flavours and unfussy presentation make for indulgent and relaxed dining experiences, perfect for holidays with family and good friends.

None of these things would be quite so wonderful anywhere else in the world. Being in Florence, a city so beautiful, and so seeped in history, and surrounded by the wonderful Italians take these things to sublime levels of pleasure.

A's Florentine hit-list

Architecture - I have been to Florence once before and was utterly wowed by the sheer beauty of the city, every square foot of the place is packed full of ancient architecture and beautiful design. I can't wait to lose myself in this stunning city again. 

The Uffizi - there are artworks housed in this world famous gallery that I have spent hours of my life pouring over reproductions and prints on books, that have moved me and inspired me, and seeing them in the flesh will be a dream come true.

Boboli Gardens - my fascination with the Renaissance will be fairly satisfied with a visit to the home of the Medici family, and the formal gardens that is home to a collection of 16th and 17th century sculpture, as well as pieces dating all the back to the Romans!  

My inner geek will be freaking out with all the history, art, culture, and what-have-you. 

Where are you going this summer, and what are you looking forward to seeing? Have any of you been to Florence - what should I add to my hit-list?

A x

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