Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Life: How to do Festivals

Entering into the summer months and another festival season, J shares a bit of festival go-ing wisdom.

I am now 29, and 2015 will be my 10th year of going to festivals. Ten Years. While I quietly try and figure out where exactly that time has gone, I thought I’d share some of my top tips for festivals as we enter another glorious summer of music, dancing and field frolicking.

Bulk buy hand sanitiser, toothpaste and baby wipes
The likelihood of showering is slim, a combination of these three essentials will help you feel less disgusting.

Do your music research
It isn’t always about the big names, smaller acts are usually more adventurous, less crowded and can lead to some of the most amazing festival moments.

Take snacks
Especially if you suffer from hunger anger, they can save you from a mindless 40 min trek to the other side of the site only to buy a disappointing sausage roll.

Remember: ear plugs, a sleep mask, a water bottle and a good pillow
You are likely to walk an average of 4-8 miles per day, plus dancing, so you are going to want to sleep.

Don’t assume you won’t need wellies, unless you are going to a festival abroad, in which case don’t assume you won’t need sun block
Depending on the kind of festival you are attending will mean different weather, or in some cases you will get ALL the weather. Either way if you are embarking on a few days in the open air, be weather prepared.

Most of all, make sure you enjoy it.

J x

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