Thursday, 18 June 2015

Life: How to Pack for a Summer City Break

A shares her top tips for summer holiday packing.

It is now a few short weeks until I jet off to sunny Italy on my family holiday. Lucky so-and-so. However, I am a chronically bad packer, so this summer, I resolve to be great at packing. Here's what I've learned (the hard way!) about packing.

My last trip to Tuscany, soaking up the evening sun in the villa on the vineyard.

What to wear
Simplicity is key. In order to pack light, I'll pack a case of classic sundresses and separates that all work together to form a super simple, but super chic and relaxed holiday wardrobe.

Cotton shirts are my go to holiday wear, endlessly more chic than a tight, slightly sweaty t-shirt. Men take note, too! And a good comfy sandal is essential for mooching round markets all day.

The last time I was in Tuscany it was September and having assumed it would be warm, was taken unawares by the relatively cold weather. Don't be caught out and pack for all likely eventualities - and check the forecast before you go!

Rollable Panama: Pachacuti // Denim shorts: Levis // Silk jumpsuit: French Connection // Cotton shirt: Beyond Retro // Leather sandals: Ancient Greek Sandals

Stay beautiful

I have learned the hard way the perfect balance of beauty essentials needed for holidays and work trips alike. I want to always look and feel my best, regardless of where I am, so I take absolutely all of my beauty and skincare staples. I have learned to leave behind the three shades of lipstick and multitude of eyeshadows.

Should you be limited to cabin luggage, you can click and collect to Boots airport branches, which means you can pick up all your skincare items after check-in, without the hassle of stuffing tiny little bottles in tiny little bags!

What to read

A friend recently recommended matching your holiday reading to your holiday destination - what a delightful idea! I'll be searching out a copy of E M Forster's A Room with a View to read whilst imagining myself in Edwardian Florence.

Space in the Case

Wherever you're heading it's likely you'll want to bring things home with you, weather is a speciality cheese from the local region, wonderfully tacky knick-knacks from a seaside town, or artisan goods from the local markets. So be sensible, leave a bit of space in that case for holiday purchases. Or alternatively, steal space in your boyfriend/ brother/ dad's case!

Happy holidays! Do you have any top packing tips you swear by?

A x

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