Monday, 22 June 2015

Style: Made in the UK

Celebrating great clothing made in Great Britain.

A quick run-down of who's making what in these sceptered isles lately...

This iconic British brand has been making shoes since 1873. Today Church's still craft beautiful footwear for men and women using traditional methods, in their hometown of Northampton. These are top of my one-day-I-will-own list.

Dr Martens
An eternal symbol of rebellious Britishness and unconventional style, Dr Martens were originally manufactured in Northampton, England, and a small collection of shoes is today made there. Dr Martens will always hold a place in my heart and wardrobe, having spent the majority of my childhood - not to mention a fair portion of my adult years - running around in them.

New Balance
Although a Boston brand, New Balance have been making their 'Made in England' shoes since the eighties as part of their commitment to maintaining production in both the US and UK. I've been coveting my mother's NBs for a while now, and they still hold a kind of deconstructed Japanese cool about them, so I may invest in my own pair...

Topshop Boutique
British high street favourite Topshop make their concession to UK manufacture with their design-led collection Topshop Boutique, made in England. Topshop Boutique has become one of my go-to high street brands, as I know I get that extra quality and guarantee of UK production, as well as that reliable Topshop balance between on-the-button trend and very wearable clothes.

Who Made Your Pants?
Who Made Your Pants? are a socially conscious enterprise, dedicated to providing work to women in Southampton, England, and seemingly as a bonus, make very lovely looking pants too. 

If you're looking for more British-made brands to buy into, check out the Make it British site.

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