Saturday, 13 June 2015

Thought: Blogs In Brief

This week seems to have been the real start of summer in London. The mornings are crisp and fresh but with a hint of heat that will follow later in the day, and after work the city is busy with people outside restaurants, pubs and cafes basking in the evening sun. There seems to be that tingly atmosphere of anticipation for the glorious summer months and the adventures that come with them.
Heading to a festival? Check out my top tips for festivals both in the UK and abroad here:
Needing a bit of travel inspiration? 

Bella Kotak’s photos of her visit to morocco are sure to get you excited for something a little different. Or check out what A is looking forward to on her upcoming visit to Florence.

Alternatively if you’re embarking on a staycation, how about experimenting with some new culinary skills and taste sensations from the hemsley and hemsley summer selection.

What are your summer adventure plans?

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