Monday, 27 July 2015

Life: How to be a Morning Person

Some tips to help you make the most of your morning.

Personally, I don't think the 'morning vs evening' person thing holds much sway. I think it can act as an unhelpful shield for bad habits. Whatever you're opinion, you can't deny the overwhelming evidence that the most productive people tend to be early risers. 

Obviously I’m not qualified to go into the science, and I accept that sleep is a personal thing and how much each person needs will vary and alter due a whole host of reasons. However, within a time frame of say 10pm-8am and for people not on shifts/with children there is, I believe, a healthy approach which is universally applicable and of benefit to most people’s health and happiness.

The key to a good night’s sleep and a bright early morning is to prep yourself for bed properly the night before.

  • Unwind before bed: A hot bath, a peppermint tea or just half an hour on the sofa reading a book will get your mind and body ready for a restful night. I’m speaking entirely from experience here - the better I prep myself for bed, the quicker I fall asleep and the better I then sleep.
  • Invest in bed linen: Good quality linen makes all the difference as it welcomes you into bed. Choose cotton or linen for its temperature regulating properties.
  • Cut out sugar, carbs and caffeine: For the few hours before bed I find it helps to stay away from highly caffeinated drinks, lots of sugar or heavy carbs. Going to bed feeling bloated can keep you awake for hours and mean you wake up feeling a touch 'bleurgh'.
If you put in the work the night before you should be waking feeling rested and relaxed. Here are some tips to get your morning off to the best start:

  • Don't snooze: Those extra few minutes after your alarm has gone off can be bliss, but I think they can often lead to a sleepier, slower start to the day. Instead, kick off your morning with energy and get straight out of bed. 
  • Hot lemon: Drinking hot water with lemon is a great way to kick start your digestive system, rehydrate after a night's sleep and a healthy alternative to a tea or coffee.
  • Get moving: Whether its yoga, a run, swimming or a quick home workout - get up, get moving and get stretched. There are endless benefits to introducing movement into your day and even more so in the morning - plus, you'll feel less guilty about indulgences later in the day.
So, have I convinced you to dare 6am yet?

R x 

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