Friday, 31 July 2015

Life: You May Have the Universe if I May Have Italy

A is back from Florence and she'd rather not be.

Guiseppe Verdi summed it up when he said "You May Have the Universe if I May Have Italy" - there seems to be a particular gravitational pull toward the place, I keep going back! And I sill dream about one day, packing everything in and running away there for good.

I've just returned from one of the most wonderful holidays, in the spectacularly beautiful city of Florence. I've been asked what what my favourite part of the holiday was, and I really don't know! Just spending a week in Florence, among the wonderful Florentine people and places is idyllic.

We happened to plan our trip bang smack in the middle of a heatwave, so in the 38 degree heat, didn't really do much at all. The week was mostly spent consuming copious amounts of gelato, and hopping between air-conditioned shops, with more than a few espressos and glasses of Prosecco thrown in for good measure.

We spent most of our days and evenings mooching around, taking in the beauty of the city itself. Round every corner is a stunning new vista.

We made it our mission to find and try as many of the recommended gelaterias as possible, so I don't even want to contemplate the calories we consumed in the name of research! There's definitely something magic about gelato, the flavours are so real! and the texture is so smooth! We would heartily recommend Gelateria di Neri and Grom, but it's hard to find bad gelato in Florence!

Quite apart from the gelato, the pizza, the coffee and the pastries, the city is a feast for the eyes, every building is beautiful, and works of art old and new greet you on every street corner.

The city feels so alive! Cute and clever street art adorns every wall.

The Museo di San Marco is an old monastery which is open to visitors, so we walked around the sunlit cloisters, and saw the amazing frescoes on the walls of the chapels and the cells where the monks lived.

Sunglasses obligatory.

And, oh, the coffee!

A x

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