Thursday, 2 July 2015

Style: White Trainers

R matches this year's white trainers to your style.

You may have noticed a small eruption of white-clad feet around the place. Thanks to the clean cut, effortless effect of an all white trainer, this trend has fast become the done thing. 

While not cutting edge anymore, the look still has legs so it's well worth picking up a pair for the Summer and beyond. However, it's not as simple as choosing a blank canvas, in fact, the style you choose leans you towards one of three particular camps. 

Retro trainer fan

Whether you're wearing the same trainers you always have, or you're taking an ironic stance and referencing looks you weren't alive for, retro trainers are a distinctive way of carving out your own style and the Nike Air Max's are a classy way to do this. For a sleek take on the trend, go for the Air Max Thea with their streamlined silhouette. 

Fashion blogger

The popularity of Stan Smiths at the moment is overwhelming. Their nod to normcore, combined with authentic sports appeal means they finish every outfit with a serious case of "I'm so effortless". 

Hip hop girl 

Worn by girls with serious attitude, the Nike Huarache's carve out a distinctly hip hop feel, leaving you three steps ahead of the hipsters while still nodding to street style. Their strap design and badged-tongue give your jeans + tee looks an easy edge. 

Which white trainers will you go for?

R x

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