Friday, 28 August 2015

Life: Dreams of Italian Interiors

A lets her mind drift off back to Italy for a while.

I was momentarily distracted from my work this afternoon by my Mum asking if I thought a gold shower curtain might be just the thing. I suggested it might look very Italian, and go nicely with our new stone soap dish we recently brought back from Florence. 

One thought of Italy, and my mind is back there, lazing in the sun on the terrace, cooking and enjoying the coolness of the tiled kitchen floor, revelling in the distressed grandeur that so typifies many Italian interiors. So on this rainy Friday, I'm indulging myself with some beautiful Italian interiors in which to lose myself, while I dream of sunnier climes. Why don't you join me?

You're welcome. And yes, there's always wine.

A x

P.S. All these images and more can be found on Pinterest if your appetite is only whetted!

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