Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Life: E Goes Freelance

E shares what she's learnt so far, from going freelance.

Little did I know what 2015 had in store for me and oh, boy, what an adventure its been so far! I decided to go freelance in photography, shortly after moving to the big smoke and it's been pretty scary but also very worth it. I thought I'd share a few practical (and a few whimsical) thoughts about what I've learnt so far. 

First things first - Sort your diary out!

Most people that know me, will know that scheduling isn't my strong point. So a big challenge for me has been learning to put EVERYTHING in my diary and being strict with time management. This can work both ways, if I have a long to-do list, I prioritise it daily - I've learnt to dare to deal with the most urgent, scariest and hardest tasks first. 

Time management is also important when it comes to taking time off. Working for yourself can be tough and it's tempting to sometimes not take a day off but if you don't, no-one else is going to make you. Busy is great as a freelancer but don't burn yourself out. Especially when you're trying to fit in a photo-shoot and editing from your last shoot, in the same day. So learn from me and be realistic with when you should stop, otherwise you'll be eating into your next day's work. Balance is key and more importantly in your in control! 

Staying positive

Working for yourself can be very rewarding, everything you sew you reap and therefore when things go well, it's all down to you. - Yay! However it's tough when you make a mistake and again, it's all down to you. As a freelancer you need to be able to stay positive and move on. You're going to 'fail' at some point there's no doubt about that, so just make sure you learn from it rather than resent it. 
Stay connected and social

Something that is probably very obvious is remembering to stay connected. It's important to keep your social media platforms up to date. That way if you still need to update your website, people can still see your recent work. Get to know clients your working with and more importantly, it shows that you're busy. 
Try not to worry

At the beginning finances can be tough, and I'm still learning, but really do try not to worry. Take each day as it comes, however cliche that might sound. I've realised that freelance work comes usually when you least expect it. Sometimes I won't feel that booked up, then suddenly there aren't enough days in the week! So make sure you make the most of those quiet days, they're a blessing in disguise, trust me. Why not take the opportunity to update your website, contact potential clients or learn a new skill. That way there's no time wasted.

I'm still learning all of these things and more, so do let me know if you have any top tips of your own. If you fancy having a look at any of my photography work then you'd be very welcome, on my website

E x 

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