Monday, 10 August 2015

Style: Ground-breaking 3D-Printed Fashion

Danit Peleg creates world's first wearable garments printed at home.

Fashtech is a bit of a buzzword right now. Compared to just a few years ago when wearable tech was still but a sci-fi dream, the future seems to be upon us with all kinds of groundbreaking thingumajigs. Last summer, we wrote about Francis Bitonti's amazing 3D printed creations. Latest in the march toward the future is a graduate collection of 3D printed outfits from fashion student, Danit Peleg, of the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.

Her capsule collection was made entirely from 3D printed fabrics, printed on domestic machines at her home. The five outfits took a total of 2000 hours to make, quite apart from the design, testing and construction required, so these are by no means commercially viable, but are an incredibly exciting step toward the bright future of consumer 3D printing.

The most exciting thing about this collection is not its sartorial credentials, rather that it marks such a huge leap in the relationship between fashion and technology. Long uneasy bedfellows, the two industries are spending more and more time together, and it looks like sparks are flying. I, for one, am excited to see what happens next...

You can find out more about Danit's work on her website.

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