Thursday, 6 August 2015

Thought: Getting engaged, Being a grown up

Its been 3 months since our J got engaged, and she's been having some thoughts about it.

Getting engaged is honestly the most fun I have had, ever. The well wishes, the beautiful cards, watching other peoples excitement, it is wonderful.

But, as I now embark on a year of planning a day filled with love, these are the things I am going to try and stand by.
  • Doing it together. So much of the wedding industry is geared towards the bride, singular. A wedding is about 2 people, and I'm not going to forget about that
  • It is not ‘all about the wedding’ I am going to try my hardest not to talk about my wedding plans constantly, there are other things happening in our and other people’s lives. Plus, you are just giving away spoilers
  • Be brave, figure out what is right for you both, and be prepared for it not be liked by everyone else
  • Be organised. Spreadsheets, lists, a notice board of ideas, I'm going to approach this like a project, not in a clinical way, but in a way that will minimise stress for everyone
Most of all, I am going to remember that although it is an important day, it is only one day (It'll probably stretch out to 3 or 4), and the most exciting part of getting married are the days that will follow afterwards.

J x

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