Monday, 17 August 2015

Thought: The Wedding Diet

As J's wedding plans start to come together, she's been reconsidering her eating habits.

Inevitably, regardless whether you're a person full of health and fitness, when faced with dress fittings and the realisation that the wedding day is going to be THE most photographed event of your life, you want to ensure  you are looking your best. 

With this in mind and in an attempt to regain some of my healthy habits, which have gone a bit to the wayside, I'm making a conscious effort to walk a bit more, moisturise at night and eat a little healthier.

Historically I've struggled with fad diets and exercise regimes. But what seems to be working for me (so far) is changing my evening meals from the carb heavy pastas and potatoes, to veg heavy alternatives. 

When you also have to take someone else's eating into consideration this can sometimes be tricky. The boyf's favourite food is sandwiches, and when discussing meal options often comes out with questions like "but should we also have some bread with that?". But by experimenting together we seem to have discovered some meals options that leave us full-tummied and just ever so slightly smug. 

These are our top 3 so far:

3) Chicken and pork dumplings with steamed pak choi (made gluten free)

Hopefully with a little less carb and a little more veg I can tackle this wedding diet and avoid any last minute juice fasts!

J x 

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