Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Life: London Design Festival & Abby Joy Designs

Abby Joy Designs: "a thing of beauty is a joy forever".

This week my good friend, and constant inspiration, Abby, exhibits at London Design Festival for the first time. Half English, half French, she is a natural philosopher and artist. Over the years has wound her way through languages, history, across continents and cultures, and is finding herself settling in the space and lightness of England's rural west country. Her childlike delight in the natural world, and her sponge-like absorption of absolutely everything around her informs her conversation, fuels her lust for life, and enriches her designs.

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Here she has created a set of designs for the historic ceramics company 1882. 'Plumes' is a collection of tableware delicately decorated with the story of a pheasant feather's weightless flight. It is being exhibited at The Factory, as part of London Design festival, until Sunday 27th September.

You can see, and even purchase, the whole collection on the 1882 website, and you can find more of Abby's work at Abby Joy Designs.

The London Design Festival opened on 19th of this month, and runs right through until 27th.

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