Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Life: R~A~J~E Make their Video Debut

E goes behind the scenes at our latest venture.

A few short weeks ago us R~A~J~Ers and our very kind videographer got up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday and put our bleary eyed selves together to make a video for the next step of R~A~J~E's journey. This is just part of R~A~J~E's development and all will be revealed soon... (apologies for the suspense!)

As expected it was a long day full of remembering lines, lots of coffee and some very funny moments! Here's just a few snaps from the day and a reminder from Cheryl Sandberg about why we do what we do.

~ Cheryl Sandberg

I'm not sure any of us will be too keen to get that side of a camera any time soon, but we are very excited to see that final results...watch this space! 

E x 

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