Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Style: An Ethical Engagement Ring

J shares a bit about her newly acquired engagement ring...

I presume that buying an engagement ring must be pretty daunting, I can only imagine the multitude of thoughts swimming around one's mind, all along the lines of "but what if she doesn't like it?". People are particular about jewellery; stones, cuts, metals, it says a lot about a person and even more so when it is an engagement ring that you will own and wear for the rest of your life! Pretty tricky. But what if you add in that the person you are buying the ring for is someone who likes the things she wears to be as ethical and sustainable as possible?!

Incredibly, the boyf not only took on the task of choosing a ring pretty much single handedly, he also knew I wouldn't be happy with just a generic ring from any old jewellers.

He found jewellery designer Cred, who source fairtrade yellow and white golds and platinum. In their own words, their precious stones are ethically sourced, responsibly mined, and deliver economic justice to all the people involved in their extraction and production.

Pretty phenomenal right? AND they are also just so pretty. Here are a few from their beautiful collection...

J x

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