Friday, 16 October 2015

Life: Confessions of an Engaged RAJEr

6 months in to her engagement and 10 months to go until the big day. J shares a few engagement and wedding planning truths.

Planning your wedding and getting engaged, if you believe the internet (& instagram), it is either a magical time filled with joy and oh-so-photogenic moments, OR it is so super stressful you become a bride-zilla. In actual fact it is like anything else, there are great things about it and not so great things about it. Here are my confessions of an engaged RAJE-r.

1) Pinterest is my on/off best friend: I spend pretty much all my lunch hours looking at various wedding inspiration posts, sometimes it drives me a bit nuts and I have to 'have a time-out'.

2) I wear my black leather jacket more than I really need to because, I swear, it makes my engagement ring sparkle more.

3) We said we'd have an engagement party but the idea of organising 2 massive parties seemed just a bit too much.

All hotel carpets are ugly.

5) F
onts matter more than ever before.

Prices for everything are now equivalent to 'what number of people that would mean could eat at our wedding'.

7) S
ometimes I wonder if I can just skip all the "hoo-ha" and get to the part when we're husband and wife for the rest of our lives.

8) The rest of the time I am so excited about the day where we get to celebrate with all our loved ones that I can't help but dance down the street.

9) Seeing yourself for the first time in a full length white/white-ish/cream/ ivory gown takes some getting used to.

10) Prosecco is always acceptable, whatever time of day.

J x

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