Saturday, 10 October 2015

Life: E's Bake Off

E gets her Great British Bake on.

Come this week we, like the rest of the country I'm sure, were glued to our TV sets for the finale of the Great British Bake Off, and what a finale it was! R and I with our lovely London friends, had a little bake-off of our own. During the final of GBBO we presented and ate each others bakes! 

I chose this pomegranate and pistachio cake from Rachel Khoo's lovely recipe. It was supposed to look pretty in pink, decorated with pomegranates, with a yoghurt pistachio cake inside. Unfortunately I couldn't get the pomegranates to stick to the side like this, so I scattered them around the edge and top. 

These are the bakes we all bravely attempted. Admittedly, none of them looked much like the pictures, but they all tasted rather good, and that's what counts, no? Especially this mojito inspired cake, which was rather delightful!

R made a lovely meringue with blueberry jam at the centre and decorated with fondant seals and a killer whale! (Our theme was tropical vs Arctic). You can rely on Nigella for a good meringue recipe.

Let me know what bakes the GBBO has inspired you to make, maybe I'll even give them a go...

E x

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