Friday, 2 October 2015

Life: E's Freelance Kit List

The things no freelancer should have to live without.

As I recently shared that I'd gone freelance - in my previous freelance postI thought it was only fair to share with you some essential items that get me through each day.

Here's just a few things that as a freelancer you should definitely have on your kit list, if you don't already:

- A nice mug - and lots of tea, earl grey is personal favourite!

- A floral chair, for those much needed tea breaks.

- Colourful pens & a pretty notebook - for creative list writing, note taking and meetings.

- The trusty macbook for editing into the night.

- A green plant - to keep the air in your room clean and your creativity flowing!

- A hard drive - to avoid any of those nightmares about loosing work!

- A fruit bowl - for healthy and guilt-free snacking.

- Find a local coffee shop - for the cabin fever days.

- Pretty clutter - to keep your office space/ room inspiring and colourful.

Let me know what your working essentials are, so I can add them to my list!

E x

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