Monday, 12 October 2015

Life: Packing for Long Haul

R gets packing for her long awaited trip to New York City.

We've been dreaming for 4 years, saving for 2 and planning for a few weeks now and finally it's time for me and my Favourite to escape to NYC for two weeks. Before I get too excited it's time to make sure I have everything ready for the flight over. I have never been a great flyer, take-off makes me nervous, plane food makes me sick and I can never, ever (not matter how long the flight is) sleep. Despite all of this I've found a few tips and tricks to make long flights enjoyable. 

First things first; you have to have the right hand luggage. I always take one that's small enough to fit under the seat, I hate being separated from my bag so the overhead locker isn't an option. No matter how prepared you are, you never look your best just after flying so I like to carry a smart looking bag to give my look a little lift. 

My Russell & Bromley Holly tote is big enough to carry everything you need, understated enough to not look flashy and small enough to slide under the seat. 

Next up you need the right beauty and skin care products on board so you can look after your skin on the dehydrating flight. 

After take off I do my best to mimic my normal night time regime, just with slightly different products! I wipe off my make up and then apply a hydrating spray. After brushing my teeth I apply a rich moisturiser and do my best to rest. The combination of super hydrating products means my skin looks almost normal on landing and only takes a dab of concealer and a dusting of powder to look semi-human again. 

Now that skincare is sorted it's time to address your in-flight entertainment and snacking. While the films are usually great I like to have some magazines and books to hand so I'm just staring at a screen for ten hours. I also pack my noise cancelling headphones to mute the general bustle of flying - not forgetting huge amounts of water to stay hydrated and some healthy snacks. 

With skincare sorted and a stack of books you're all set for an enjoyable flight. Make sure you've worn your comfiest, most pyjama-like outfit and brought a silky scarf to use instead of the scratchy airline blankets. 

R x

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